Short biography

Lara Kralj graduated from the Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana, in 2002. During her fourth year of University, she joined a student IVSA program and spent two months training with a private vet in San Diego, California. She returned to San Diego another three times at the end of her studies and joined a spay and neuter association of US vets, who were doing free surgeries in the south of Mexico. In 2005 she founded her own clinic in her hometown Izola. she is a general companion animal practitioner, and her main interests are surgery and dermatology. Since 2020 she has been the president of the Slovene dermatology section, and in 2022 she was elected as president of Sisava and Slovene FECAVA officer.
In her private life, she likes traveling, sports, and spending time with her daughter Sofia, their malinois Bond, and sphynx cat Lancelot.