FairDog Project from the Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Veterinary Association KNMvD (Beroepsvereniging Voor Dierenartsen) strives, in cooperation with other associations involved in Animal Welfare, Kynology and Genetics, to achieve a healthier and more social ‘friendly’ dog population. This project is called FairDog.
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In this project they deal with different sources of dogs. That is why they include the breeders of pure-bred dogs, the breeders of cross breeds and look-a-likes, as well as the rescue dogs and the (il)legally imported puppies. Unfortunately the English version is not available yet. Do you want more information? Please contact the association KNMvD.

FairDog is about healthy and well socialized dogs in The Netherlands. In this project they work in the following divisions in order to get the best expertise on each subject:
• Fair breeding dogs, pure bred, crossbreeds, look-a-likes
• Managing rescue dogs
• Creating a safe environment to buy dogs
• Stimulation of the trustworthy supply of dogs
• Repression of the illegal import
• International influencing.


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