Spain launches campaign on responsible pet ownership

On 12 April, Spanish minister of agriculture Isabel Garcia Tejerina presented the ‘Action plan for responsible pet ownership’. The main objective of the plan, which is supported by the veterinary profession, is to raise awareness about the responsibility of pet owners to care for their companion animals. In addition, a campaign has been be launched, including posters and key rings stating #eres responsable (‘you are responsible’), the slogan of the campaign.

Promotional material also includes a website, leaflets and a Guide for responsible pet ownership. It contains five key chapters for owners or future owners of pets: reflecting on whether or not to have a pet, the ideal companion animal, where to acquire it, the pet’s needs and education.

There is also a 56-page Guide for good practices for breeders and traders of dogs and cats, about housing conditions, hygiene and legal requirements.

In the annex, the guide provides an overview of the legal requirements of dog and cat breeders in Belgium, France and the UK.