Raising awareness about healthy breeding in Lithuania

On the occasion of World Animal Day, on 4th of October, our Lithuanian colleagues (LSAVA) organised a Dog welfare conference together with the Lithuanian cynological society. Lithuanian FECAVA Director Viktorija Lokianskiene was invited to make a presentation on the joint FECAVA/FVE position of dog welfare and healthy breeding. The document was translated to Lithuanian (some parts were skipped because there was not so much time for speech).

Another guest speaker was Petras Auštrevičius MEP, who met FECAVA members in European parliament at the occasion of the June meeting on extreme breeding,  to hosted by him and Marlene Mizzi MEP.

Apart from the FECAVA position on animal welfare and healthy breeding, Viktorija also introduced initiatives of several member countries in extreme breeding and the welfare brachycephalic animals in particular (Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden experience).

Part of her presentation was dedicated to specific brachycephalic problems in dogs such as excess soft palate, narrow nostrils and breathing difficulties. She also presented the FECAVA T-shirt and breathing mask, and its position regarding adverting on internet. The presentation was well received by the Lithuanian Kennel Club, who will use it for their future projects. The Lithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association plans to present the Lithuanian version of the position paper to veterinarians and in a second stage to the public at large.