Pet calorie calculator launched

A total of 2,000 pet owners were questioned in the survey, conducted by One Poll for UK price comparison website

Obesity epidemic

Emma Goodman Milne
The online pet calorie counter has been created in consultation with TV vet Emma Goodman Milne.

As a result of what called a “pet obesity epidemic”, it has developed the pet calorie calculator with Vets in Practice star Emma Goodman Milne.

The calculator has been designed specifically to measure the calorie content of human snacks and treats commonly given to pets, comparing the intake to the human equivalent number of burgers that have been consumed.

The survey showed:

  • a quarter of pet owners believe they know exactly how much they should be feeding pets
  • more than half (58%) never look at the calorie content of snacks and treats
  • despite actively not checking calorie content, more than a fifth (22%) of Brits believe their pet is overweight
  • 15% said they have been given advice on healthy snacks for their animals