MEPs urge European Commission to address illegal pet trade

The illegal trade in companion animals should be addressed in Europe, stress the EU parliament’s ENVI Committee. It has issued a motion for a Resolution, in which they call upon the European Commission to draw up a cross-sectorial EU Action Plan to address the illegal trade in companion animals in Europe.

They emphasise that the ‘identification and registration of cats and dogs is a crucial and necessary first step.’ Indeed, they are ‘key conditions for control, enforcement and traceability.’

The illegal trafficking of pets should be curbed by ‘improving law enforcement and toughening sanctions against economic operators, veterinarians and national public services who supply counterfeit pet passports.’

The Resolution also calls on the Commission to propose ‘consistent and enforceable breeding rules for companion animals’ to be put in place across the EU. And it calls on Member States to ensure that there are detailed rules for the control of dog and cat breeders and ‘appropriate oversight by veterinarians’, recommending the set up of a compulsory register of authorised companion animal breeders and sellers. 

Read the full Draft motion for a Resolution on protecting the EU’s internal market and consumer rights against the negative implications of the illegal trade in companion animals (2018/2599(RSP))