Feline Parliamentary Forum Spain: Management of stray cats

The second Feline Parliamentary Forum will be held in Madrid on 22 June. Organised by the Parliamentary Association in Defense of the Rights of Animals (APDDA) , the conference will include veterinary professionals, feline experts and political decision-makers who will share their knowledge and vision about the welfare of stray cats in Spain.

During the forum, management of feral cats and feline welfare issues will be discussed, and an overview of the status quo regarding feline welfare in Spain will be given. Existing municipal trap-neuter-release programmes will be presented and feline veterinarians will share their expertise and commitment to cat welfare.

Speakers include Rafael Laguens (FVE President), Albert Lloret (Spanish representative of the European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases) and Valentina Aybar, President of the Spanish Group of Feline Medicine (GEMFE).

Claire Bessant from International Cat Care  will present the International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats in a video.

FECAVA representatives Ann Criel and Monique Megens will share a video message with all the participants. Ann Criel will briefly present the current Flemish stray cat policy. ‘As veterinarians, we are very concerned about animal welfare,’ confirmed Ann Criel, FECAVA board member. ‘Our organisation has adopted many position papers, including pain-free dental procedures, cloning and organ harvesting, mutilations and healthy breeding. In 2017, we adopted a position paper on stray dogs jointly with the Union of European Veterinary Practitioners and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe.’

The II Feline Parliamentary Forum, supported by CAROcat, TASSO eV and 11Pets, will take place at the Congress of Deputies (start 3:30 pm). Registrations are open on the APDDA Website