FECAVA Laboklin Travel Scholarship 2018: report from Spanish vets

Thanks to the FECAVA Laboklin scholarship the last week of winter we flew to a country where we had never been before. We both were excited about the idea to get to know a new country and have the opportunity to work with colleagues from abroad. 

The visit to Pets ‘n’ Vets was very positive in many aspects. We had a warm welcome from Shona, Ross and all the people working in the Roundhouse Hospital and all the branches spread around Glasgow. In the Roundhouse we attended the morning rounds and different staff meetings. This part was very helpful to understand how the practice works and compare it with our system, we shared ideas and we brought some of our own. For medicine, we spent time on consults with different vets. We also attended laparoscopic surgeries, dental and image procedures. For the inpatients and the hospitalisation we both work in the internal medicine and abdominal ultrasound service, so just being around and watching how all nurses and vets work together was really useful to discuss with other colleagues and learn from them. There was a CPD taught by Ross Allan wearing a Kilt just after having haggis and irn bru for dinner that was great! We enjoyed a lot and the medicine people learnt a few more things about orthopaedics as well.

We had an awesome visit to the University of Glasgow Veterinary Hospital. We had a private guided tour where they showed us all the facilities and different areas from the hospital and how the building was designed to make the work efficient and easier. Later in the afternoon Ross brought us to the Kelvingrove Museum where we saw dinosaurs, a Dali original painting and Charles Renne Mackintosh art. On the way back to home nature showed us how wonderful the Scottish weather can be with a great storm that even had a name, Gareth.

Friday night, people from the Hospital and Branches planned a night out for us with some food and drinks, talking about veterinary and life experiences. We really appreciate how good and kind was everyone with us. Next morning we met Ross ad Shona and they showed us the beautiful Loch Katrine. In the morning it was snowing which made the experience much more interesting, because we do not see many snow days in Mallorca. Having a boat trip in Loch Katrine while it was snowing was simply amazing, and then we had our first afternoon tea learning a bit more about Scottish traditions.

In conclusion we enjoyed a lot our time in Glasgow. One of the best parts was how kind and nice were the people with us, they offered to help us with many things. On the other hand we now know a different way of work and we will take some good ideas to our Hopital Aragó in Mallorca, in the same way we also explain to the Scottish how we do things in Mallorca. The experience has been very exciting and it gave us an extra motivation for our daily work, we also experienced a new country shown by their locals, which makes the experience always better and more real. Projects like this from FECAVA are necessary and important to help all vets around Europe become better and more experienced professionals. 

Joana Bestard & Toni Llaneras