FECAVA Congress Vienna

A very important step for FECAVA’s strategy in the next few years, especially in CPD.

FECAVA is looking forward to collaboration in writing guidelines, standardisation and looking for new educational events.

Past president Monique Megens gave an update on the puppy trade paper, which has also been adopted from FVE and UEVP.

The next joint project will be the internet sale of medication. Simon Orr, FECAVA’s past president and also voice in the FVE Medicines working group gave a short overview about the consequences on internet sale of medication.

The director of Latvia asked for our special attention on the Mega-oesophagus outbreak in her country. FECAVA was asked to write a letter to encourage the authorities to take their responsibility for the welfare of the animals in Latvia.

The meeting ended with the vote on the proposal of the Saint Petersburg EuroCongress 2019.

All went home with a very warm goodbye from the FECAVA board.

Again we are proud of having such a positive, enthusiastic group of veterinarian colleagues.


Ann Criel

FECAVA Honorary Secretary