FECAVA at the UEVP and FVE General Assembly in Bratislava

The FVE/UEVP meetings in Bratislava are currently been attended by FECAVA President Wolfgang Dohne and Honorary Treasurer Danny Holmes.

In his report to the UEVP General Assembly Wolfgang Dohne gave an overview over recent activities of our organisation.

  • This included the completion of all the factsheets on Canine Vector Borne Diseases which FECAVA is planning to make available in hard copy to all our members.
  • Other items covered were the new working group on Mental Health and Well-being and recent activities of FECAVA's involvement with the FVE's Animal Welfare Group including the appointment of Board member Ann Criel as a new member to this body.
  • Both FECAVA's Travel Scholarship, which is supported by Laboklin and the new Student Travel Scholarship which has proven to be extremely popular were mentioned.
  • Wolfgang Dohne informed the UEVP delegates on FECAVA's support of continuing education in Eastern Europe and on the recently started dialogue with the fast growing corporate veterinary groups.
  • He closed his presentation with an invitation to this year's FECAVA EuroCongress in September in St.Petersburg and to next year's joint FECAVA/WSAVA Congress in Warsaw.