FCI - Dogs helping people

The European section of the FCI brings together 51 national kennel clubs all over Europe and is highly engaged in the defence and promotion of pedigree dogs. With this event, the FCI aimed to raise awareness to the importance of dogs to society. A number of Belgian organisations (OS'MOSE, Brussels Police Dog Unit, Activ'Dog, GERCCMA and Fondation I See) made demonstrations about the work they do with dogs (medical assistance, guide dogs, mobility assistance, narcotic detection, police and rescue operations). Participants also heard more about the concept of dog responsible ownership in Europe and existing projects like the CAROdog Platform.

The President of the European section of the FCI, Jørgen Hindse, stated his satisfaction with the initiative: "I am very pleased with this week's event. We had over 15 dogs  and 40 people all very engaged and committed to the protection of animals in our society. I would like to thank all the organisations that made excellent interventions and taught us new facts about the vast abilities of dogs and how they can help us in so many different ways."