ESCCAP VBD 2016 - Press Release 4

Conference to examine emerging vector-borne diseases,their epidemiology and clinical management19–20 October 2016 Conference Call For Papers Programme FAQs Registration Southern European Veterinarian Conference in Granada, Spain A reminder that it is now just over one week until the ESCCAP VBD symposium at the SEVC meeting in Granada. This ESCCAP meeting will concentrate on the problems presented by emerging vector-borne diseases in Europe. The scientific committee, chaired by Professor Guadalupe Miro Corrales, will deliver a programme which considers emerging zoonotic VBD issues, their epidemiology and clinical management. With papers from recognised experts and representatives of active research groups, this focused meeting will bring people together from different areas to discuss common solutions in the frame of a one-health concept. This meeting is a must for all parasitologists attending SEVC. The ESCCAP VBD symposium will create the perfect opportunity to update the latest scientific results and to assess development within the field and we look forward to a most informative scientific conference which will stimulate innovative and practical thought in the control of vector-borne disease. Don’t forget to register online to join us for the ESCCAP VBD 2016 symposium in Granada in October. Register now More information about the event can be found on ESCCAP's dedicated events website at If you do not wish to receive emails from ESCCAP, please reply to this email with unsubscribe in the subject of your email.