EERVC - Eastern European Regional Veterinary Conference, Bucharest, 19-21 October 2017

The EERVC mission statement is simply:

Advancing the veterinary profession in Eastern Europe.

The EERVC is managed by a Project Board joined together under a European Economic Interest Group partnership. The founding partners in this Board are the Small Animal Veterinary Associations of Croatia, Romania and Serbia, working together with the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA). The BSAVA has invested in EERVC as part of its remit as a registered charity and is offering its expertise gained from 60 years of BSAVA Congress.


At the first Eastern European Veterinary Conference (EEVC) held in October 2016, Belgrade welcomed over 1,000 vets and 32 exhibitors from 37 different countries around the Eastern European region and beyond. The first Eastern European Veterinary Conference (EEVC) was declared resounding success by delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and organisers alike.


Now, we are delighted to be able to announce the second Eastern European Regional Veterinary Conference (EERVC) which will be held at the RIN Grand Hotel in Bucharest, Romania, October 19 – 21, 2017.


The EERVC offers a large range of exhibition possibilities, advertisements and other marketing services and is therefore the perfect platform to present your company and products to the outstanding faculty and 1500 participants from all over the world, mostly from Eastern Europe. The success of this event relies on partnerships with the veterinary community and veterinary industry, therefore it would be important to make you aware of this event and the opportunities it may present.


Please feel free to contact directly EERVC chairman, Dr. Denis Novak (, Professor Michael Day ( or alternatively to speak with BSAVA’s Business Manager, Ms Amanda Stranack (

 To receive a complete sponsorship offer and exhibition flor plan with available booths, please contact EERVC Secretariat (Ms Olivera Popovic,

 Yours sincerely,


Professor Michael J. Day                                                                          Denis Novak, DVM

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 EERVC Secretariat

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