CVMP meeting 11-13 July

CVMP had its last meeting in London before the summer break. They had a very busy agenda, amongst it:

  • Pharmacovigilance: 1/ Bravecto case: CVMP recommended amendments to the product information leaflet. 2/ CVMP adopted a revised reflection paper on promotion of pharmacovigilance reporting. The reflection paper further examines issues that may be important to the pharmacovigilance promotion strategy, particularly concerning food-producing animals where under-reporting of adverse events is of concern.
  • Antimicrobial resistance: the committee adopted a draft reflection paper on off-label use of antimicrobials in companion animals and food-producing animals for a 6-months public consultation. The paper explores the off-label use of antimicrobials in animals, the underlying reasons for these practices and the potential implications for animal and human health.

CVMP adopted a draft reflection paper on the use of aminoglycosides in animals in the European Union for a 3-months public consultation. The reflection paper critically reviews the current knowledge on the usage of aminoglycosides, resistance development and the potential impact of this resistance on animal and human health.
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