BVA News: Vets are vital to deliver UK’s post-Brexit vision for animal health and welfare

Recognising the importance of developing a strong lobbying position on behalf of the veterinary profession as a whole, BVA and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) have worked collaboratively to champion the profession’s interests in relation to Brexit. 

With a snap General Election due in five weeks’ time (8 June), BVA has produced a 20-point manifesto of key recommendations covering both Brexit and wider policy issues, which has been sent to the main political parties’ manifesto-writing teams and to BVA’s Honorary Associates.

BVA’s ‘Brexit and the veterinary profession’ report and manifesto for the 2017 General Election are available at:

For BVA's Brexit report and recommondations CLICK HERE


 Notes to editors

  1. BVA is the national representative body for the veterinary profession in the UK. We represent the views of over 16,000 members on animal health and welfare, and veterinary policy issues to government, parliamentarians and key influencers in the UK and EU.
  2. Figures from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) show, on average, each year around 50% of veterinary surgeons registering to practise in the UK are from overseas, with the vast majority of these coming from the EU.
  3. One-fifth of vets reported that it is has become harder to recruit to their organisation since the EU Referendum, according to BVA’s Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey ( completed by 1,014 BVA members between 27 September and 19 October 2016. The survey panel is broadly representative of the BVA membership, which is largely in line with RCVS membership. It is carried out by the independent research company, Alpha Research
  4. From Thursday 4 May 2017, BVA’s ‘Brexit and the veterinary profession’ report will be available to view at Please find an advance copy of the report attached in confidence also.
  5. For more information please contact the BVA media office on 020 7908 6340 or via


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