Brexit barometer reveals industry split

The animal medicines sector is split on the future of the industry, according to the first “Brexit Barometer” report released by NOAH.

While 35% of respondents are “optimistic” or “very optimistic”, 25% are “pessimistic” and the majority – 40% – are “in the middle.”

Discuss and debate

The report was developed following the set-up of NOAH’s Brexit Taskforce and a Brexit workshop event where NOAH members and stakeholders, representing 16 organisations, came together to discuss and debate the impact of the EU exit on the animal medicines sector.

The report will be repeated to track shifting sentiment as the Brexit process unfolds.

Six lenses

Attendees examined the exit from the EU and its impact on the industry through six “lenses”:

  • animal health and welfare
  • public health and food production
  • trade and investment
  • research and development, and innovation
  • bringing new products to market
  • post-licensing controls for the overall market

Animal health and welfare, and public health and food production elicited the most positive sentiment among the group in terms of optimism, while bringing a product to market, and trade and exports scored lowest.

Read the full report on NOAH’s website.