7th ESVAC Report available

The latest ESVAC report has been published in October 2017. It shows that sales of antibiotics for use in animals in Europe fell by 13.4% between 2011 and 2015 (see picture). This covers 25 countries that provided data for this period. Sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents in 29 EU/EEA countries in 2015.

The report also shows that the situation across Europe remains patchy. In fifteen countries sales have dropped by at least 5% but eight countries recorded an increase of more than 5%. The substantial decline in some countries indicate that there is also a potential for a decrease in other countries. The ESVAC project has grown from reporting data from nine countries for its first report covering 2005-2009 to 30 countries from the European Economic Area and Switzerland for its 2015 report, including Greece for the first time.