The European Journal of Companion Animal Practice (EJCAP) is FECAVA’s official journal. Since 2012, it has a completely digital format and can be viewed on both laptops and tablets. It has a dedicated website: www.ejcap.org.

Besides high-calibre, interactive CPD papers – also available in pdf format – EJCAP contains self-assessment tests, videos, treatment tables, posters and other downloads. Veterinary audio and video lectures, app and book reviews and news on veterinary events are also part of the journal.

There are four issues per year, including one special issue (in 2016: Critical and emergency care). It is free and provides open access to all veterinary practitioners, students and staff – in Europe and beyond.

Although it is a relatively new online publication, statistics show over 25,000 visits in 2015 and a steady increase in readership (+20% page views compared to 2014).

It is currently available in English and in Russian. Other language versions can be considered for the future