The FECAVA LABOKLIN Travel Scholarship in Action

The two Romanian visitors were able to observe perineal hernia operations, laparoscopic ovariectomies, a few echocardiographies and an ultrasound guided pericardiocentesis, as well as a variety of first and second opinion consultations. They were extremely impressed with the hospital's CT imaging facilities, especially as there was no functional CT available for companion animals until recently in Bucharest. In addition to their visit to Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital, they were able to take part in a CE event on exotic animals. This patient group is still not frequently seen in small animal clinics in Romania and Livia and Mariana were surprised by the level of investigations and standard of care exotic animals receive in the UK. In their spare time the two travellers managed to visit the picturesque town centre of Bath. In the middle of May Alex Gough and Alasdair Hotston-Moore are looking forward to visiting Orthovet Clinic in Bucharest for their return visit. Orthovet have organised a CPD Event at which Alasdair will be delivering three hours of teaching on nasal disease, airway obstruction and ear surgery. Livia and Mariana have invited colleagues from local practices and from nearby University to this event.