Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you already now for the jubilee XXV. CSAVA Annual Conference, which will be held from 30th September to 1st October 2017 in the same place as last year in the area of Brno Exhibition Centre. The registration for the conference with the offer of the convenient “early bird” registration has been launched on 1st June.

We have newly prepared precongress practical courses for you, which will be held on Friday 29th September 2017. The registration for two of the practical workshops “around the dog´s knee joint” will be opened soon. The first one will be all-day course on TPLO with Dr. Massimo Petazzoni (Italy) and the second one will be TTA workshop with Dr. Gian Luca Rovesti. At the end of the courses the participants of both workshops will have a round table discussion “TTA vs TPLO”. These courses were organized by Intrauma and Admayora companies under the patronage of the CSAVA Surgical Section. Both workshops are limited up to 30 participants, therefore we recommend early registration.

IDEXX company has prepared a pre-congress all day long workshop with Dr. Nikola Pantchev (D) for internists and for all practitioners focused at travelling and vector-borne diseases of dogs. Many of us who have already experienced the lecture of Dr. Pantchev will not for sure miss this opportunity!

For the main Saturday´s stream we managed to get two worldwide known lecturers, who most of you know from the international congresses. The main topics of Saturday will be neurology and urology.

Dr. Thomas Flegel (D) will have lectures on neuromuscular diseases and diseases of periferal nerves among others. Dr. Flegel is known for his erudition but also for the captive and in many occasions entertaining form of his lectures, where he can comprehensibly and in interactive way explain very complex topics. “Neurology made easy!”

Dr. Jeniffer Ogeer (USA) has prepared for us among others interesting lectures for the all the time actual topics: diagnosis of the kidney diseases, practical access to renal patients and the interpretation of the acid-base balance. This stream is being set up in cooperation with the IDEXX company.

Saturdays stream for nurses will be presented by the two top UK nurse lecturers:

Carly Thornton, MSc (UK) will present several lectures with the topic „Nurse as the important player in the communication with client“.

Sarah Vivian, MSc  (UK) will lecture on „Obsterics and gynecology of the dog and cat for veterinary nurses“

Sunday´s program will be even more diversified:

The main star of the day will be Dr. Claudio Bussadori (Italy) – well known humane and also veterinary cardiologist, who will have a lecture on beside pronouncedly practical lectures also many topics for advanced cardiologists (for example on the topic of interventional cardiology). This stream was set up with the cooperation of the CSAVA Cardiological Section.

After the successful stream of diagnostic imaging from the last year´s conference we will add one more cycle of radiographic lectures. Professor Eberhard Ludewig and his colleague will come from Vienna university this year. Their lectures will be on the diagnostic imaging used in oncologic patients starting from X-ray and ultrasound to CT, MRI and scintigraphy. These lectures were prepared in cooperation with the CSAVA Oncological Society.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Royal Canin company we managed to invite gastroenterologist Dr. Alex German (GB), who will continue his lectures on the last years topic of the professor Willard. So there are also many things to look forward to.

For Sunday has CVNA prepared Stomatology of the dog and cat for veterinary nurses.

Dr. Richard Minárik and Dr. Vladěna Štrossová will have lectures on the topic that will capture every veterinary nurse and veterinary technician.

 This year we prepare for Saturday attractive gala dinner with live dance music. You will have the opportunity to meet the lecturers and to make new both professional and friendly contacts.

We thank to all the colleagues for the support on the last year´s annual conference including constructive suggestions for the coming one and we hope that together we can make all the following ones a big success.

Looking forward meeting you at jubilee 25th CSAVA Annual Conference in Brno Exhibition Centre.


Miloš Urban, Jan Hnízdo

On behalf of the CSAVA organizing committee