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The Owner-Dog Attachment Relationship (ODAR) Survey


The ODAR survey is part of an honours study conducted by Ashwin Nathan, a student at the University of Adelaide. The study is of puppy temperament and owner-puppy attachment levels and how they may be affected by the puppy’s behaviour and temperament. The study will also assess the human-dog bond in respect to the owner’s ownership history, age, education level and living situation.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and the survey is completed anonymously. All information and data obtained will be kept online and only accessible through secure login by Ashwin Nathan, Dr Susan Hazel and Dr Michelle McArthur. As it is an honours project the data gained will be summarised and presented in a final seminar. 

The results of this study may help in understanding the influence of puppy behaviour and temperament on owner attachment levels and the relationship between owners and their dogs. It may also identify aspects of an owner’s life that have an effect on the relationship between them and their dog.

To partcipate follow the link



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During the 20th FECAVA Eurocongress from Nov 6 - 9 in Munich the following service clubs will also meet: Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Soroptimists, Zonta.

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Two half days at the 20th FECAVA Eurocongress in November in Munich deal with small mammals, since they are of growing importance in small animal practice.

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