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25 May 2012: The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) has published a poster highlighting the role of veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and pharmacists in ensuring Responsible Use. The document also mentions the benefits of Responsible Use for the food chain and society at large.

The poster contains simple messages and features an attractive design. EPRUMA partners will use it to publicise the role and contribution of key stakeholders in ensuring the responsible use of veterinary medicines in food-producing animals and pets.

The poster is part of EPRUMA's communications toolkit, which also includes

  • an introductory leaflet on EPRUMA;
  • a booklet entitled ‘Best-practice framework for the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals’ (available in 11 languages);
  • a factsheet on the cascade procedure;
  • a video library on YouTube (; and
  • a dedicated website (


The EPRUMA toolkit is in constant development and further material will be added shortly.

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At the FECAVA Eurocongress in November in Munich Dr. Karin Allenspach, Royal Veterinary College, London, will give a lecture on canine IBD:


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The final programme of the 20th FECAVA Eurocongress in November in Munich is now online available. Please have a look and make up your personal agenda from seminars...

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At the 20th FECAVA Eurocongress in November in Munich Prof. Dr. Ralf Mueller from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich will give a therapeutic update on canine...

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During the 20th FECAVA Eurocongress from Nov 6 - 9 in Munich the following service clubs will also meet: Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Soroptimists, Zonta.

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On 13th October The Bella Moss Fondation  and Royal Society of Medicines will organise the ...

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